Friday, April 16, 2010

4-16-2010 Update

So this week has been fairly quiet until yesterday! I like somewhat laid back weeks.

Austyn started selling homeade pizza's for a youth fundraiser and he did GREAT yesterday! Thanks to each of you who supported him by buying pizza's yesterday! What a blessing each of you are!!!

Bubba had a game yesterday afternoon which after some confusion turned into not a game but a round robin type of thing! Bubba's team won one and lost one! Bubba had 2 goals scored on him and he was bummed but it's ok he played great!

Matt is working alot right now and is keeping busy with trucking and carpets!

Tonight is Family Bible study at our house and then tomorrow is busy with more carpet cleaning and a wedding and 2 soccer games and in the evening a wedding reception so we will be going in many directions!

From our house to yours may you have a blessed weekend!!