Friday, April 16, 2010

4-16-2010 Update

So this week has been fairly quiet until yesterday! I like somewhat laid back weeks.

Austyn started selling homeade pizza's for a youth fundraiser and he did GREAT yesterday! Thanks to each of you who supported him by buying pizza's yesterday! What a blessing each of you are!!!

Bubba had a game yesterday afternoon which after some confusion turned into not a game but a round robin type of thing! Bubba's team won one and lost one! Bubba had 2 goals scored on him and he was bummed but it's ok he played great!

Matt is working alot right now and is keeping busy with trucking and carpets!

Tonight is Family Bible study at our house and then tomorrow is busy with more carpet cleaning and a wedding and 2 soccer games and in the evening a wedding reception so we will be going in many directions!

From our house to yours may you have a blessed weekend!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Update

So this past week and weekend was EXTREMELY busy but such a profitable one!

We made over 80 dozen breakfast burritos which we sold as a fundraiser for the youth kids! We had a HUGE yard sale which was ABOVE and BEYOND what we ever anticipated it being and we made a ton of money to send the kids to camp!! Then today Chris and Stacy surprised us by bringing our new truck stickers and putting them on the truck for us!

It has been very exhausting but very rewarding!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

72 DOZEN Burritos

So, we are making 72 DOZEN burritos today! These are what the teens pre-sold for the yard sale!!! Praying for strength TODAY!!! Will post pictures later!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bubba's First Soccer Game

So I forgot the camera tonight but Bubba had his first game and they won! Way to go Bubba!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Austyn at Nerd Night

It Takes A Real Soccer Team To Wear Pink!!!

BAD Blogger!!!

So it is getting close to a year since I have blogged!!! WOW!!! CRAZY!!! I am going to try and update this thing once a week. TRY that is!! :-)

I am not even going to try and catch everyone up on the last year there is just NO WAY!!

Right now we are WAY busy!! The boys are in Soccer right now. They are on separate teams this year so that keeps it a bit interesting. Matt is assistant coaching Austyn's team. Austyn had his first game on Monday and they won 5-1!! YAY!! Bubba has his first game tomorrow night! He is SOOOO excited!

We are busy getting fundraisers in to help the Aftershock Youth go to summer camp! Matt and I and Austyn will go again this year so we have ALOT of money to raise but we know with God it is ALL possible!

Will work on posting pictures soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Billie Jo has come through surgery and all is GOOD! Praise God! Please continue to pray for her complete healing! We give ALL glory to God and thank Him for bringing her through!

Bubba and Baseball

So, Bubba's baseball team made it to the championship. He plays tonight! Yeah Bubba!

We are in Omaha with Billie Jo. She is in surgery now. Keep her in your prayers!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Bubba's Baseball

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Barbwire Fight

So Bubba had a fight with the barbwire on Sunday night. He was chasing Austyn, Tommy, and Dougie when he got caught up in barbwire. It really tore him up!!! He had to have a tetanus shot and so far he is doing good just extremely sore! These pictures don't show what it really is like. It is AWFUL!!

More Pictures

More Lake Pictures

Lake Fun

After making pizza's the other day we headed out to the lake with friends. It was spur of the moment trip but so much fun!

First Barbeque of the Summer

So we had our first barbeque of the season. I didn't get any pictures of the food! BUMMER!! The food was AWESOME!! We made Shish Kabobs and Matt made this new chocolate cake in the dutch oven and of course peach cobbler and ice cream. MMMMM Good!!! Hope and Jonathan and the kids were over and so were the McCannons!